Meet Rick Ross of Delicious Pizza in Hollywood & Mid-city

Meet Rick Ross of Delicious Pizza in Hollywood & Mid-city

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rick Ross.

Delicious Pizza is a hip-hop pizza shop founded in 2015 by father-son duo Fred and Travis Sutherland and Delicious Vinyl founder Mike Ross and brother Rick Ross. Located in L.A.’s West Adams neighborhood and on the iconic Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, the restaurant’s high-quality pies and golden-era hip-hop memorabilia has made it a destination for local residents and music fans alike. Tourists in Hollywood from all over the world flock to Delicious for that unique experience of music and food.

Delicious Pizza uses an all-organic grain mix fermented with a home-grown natural yeast starter for its dough and offers unconventional toppings (like soppressata, ricotta and fontina cheeses, and house-made sausage) for its hip-hop-themed pies (think: Cheeba Cheeba and The Slaughtahouse). Delicious also offers pizza by the slice. Memorabilia from the golden era of hip-hop lines the walls and the speakers are always blasting something cool from the old school. Also, check out the events page to see what’s going on and engage with the community.

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The Worlds Best Pizza Places

Pizza is universal. It’s the most celebrated dish in the world. It can be as simple as a Margherita or as exotic as a BBQ Chicken pie. Pizza is unique, it brings people together. It’s one of those dishes that belong at the center of the table, that’s how it’s always been. So, let’s get to know the most famous pizzerias around the world, ones to add to your bucket list.


Pizzeria Mozza, LA

Today no one makes the traditional Neaopolitan pizza better than L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, in Napeles itself . Their secret? Simplicity and love for the historic ways. Michele Condurro opened his first pizzeria in 1906. Five generations later, the Condurro family remains firm to the old practices and merely offers the Marinara and Margherita styles. They source the best ingredients within the province and have been called The Holy Temple of Pizza. Can it be better than this? After all, simple is beautiful.

Totonno’s, NY

Italian Immigrants came to New York full of dreams and ambition, they carried with them their fondness for pizza. Anthony Totonno disembarked in 1903 and learned the restaurant business working at Lombardi’s, one of the first Italian restaurants in town. In 1921 he was ready to open his own shop, and Totonno’s was born. The first licensed pizzeria in America in the heart of Coney Island.

Totonno brings his ingredients from Italy and makes fresh dough every day. Although a few fires and even a hurricane have tried to end its legacy, Totonno’s still stands.

Pizzeria Uno, Chicago

A Texan businessman dreamed about an unusual style of pizza. The year was 1943 when Issac “Ike” Sewell opened Pizzeria Uno, in Chicago, featuring the now-iconic Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza. The dish was unlike anything heard before. A high rimmed pan used to bake the pizza created a steep edge, suitable for generous amounts of chunky sauce and cheese.

Traditionalists will scowl, but this pizza style has earned the respect of the pizza world. Unlike the New York’s pizza, sausage, and not pepperoni, is the most requested topping.

Pizzeria Mozza, LA


It was the 70s, and California cuisine was waking up. A few cooks, including Wolfgang Puck and Nancy Silverton, were setting the bar high using local ingredients and sophisticated cooking techniques. Innovation and passion evolved in a pizza style that would change everything.

California pizza is anything but traditional, Pucks signature dish: the smoked salmon pizza was the first stone of a new era. Creative chefs used everything to top their exotic pies, from arugula and feta cheese, to teriyaki chicken.  Nancy founded Pizzeria Mozza after decades of perfecting her crust, and her toppings are always fresh and local. Don’t be surprised if your pizza has goat cheese, squash blossoms or potatoes in it.

You need not travel the world for a good slice of pizza. Whether you like traditional pizza, new-world interpretations or eccentric pies, there’s always a pizzeria near you. Local shops, that grow roots in the community are usually the best choice, and some of them are climbing the ranks fast!




Photo by: Maxwell Benson

Los Angeles, CA – Over Labor Day Weekend Sunday, September 2nd the 2nd annual West Adams Block Party presented by Delicious VinylembRace LAand Dreamhaus was the place to be. It was an epic occasion with performances by hip hop legends, KRS-One, Masta Ace and surprise appearances by Bushwick Bill, Fatlip & J-Rocc among live sets by SlimKid3 & DJ Nu-Mark (LA), Illa J (Detroit) + Frank Nitt (Detroit), Niña Dioz (Monterrey, MX), Los Rakas (Oakland/Panama) and a special appearance by Ma Dukes (Detroit). The Delicious Vinyl Pop-Up shop inside the Infinity Room featured limited edition Delicious Vinyl x Lil Yachty t-shirts, Dilla Donuts and merch, plus Block Party posters designed by local artists Aiseborn, Jacqueline Palafox, “Shirtking” Phade (Bronx/Brooklyn/NY) & Cook (Osaka/Japan).

Feature food trucks and vendors, included Delicious Pizza, Highly Likely and many more.

The West Adams Block party is a celebration of music, art and cultural diversity in the city. It’s a free event for the whole family. Volunteers from Los Angeles based non-profits included Dreamhaus LA, Fernando Pullum Community Arts and Lets.Give participating throughout the days activities raising awareness for art, music and charity programs in the community.

Artwork by Aiseborn
“This is a great opportunity for local families, friends and shop owners to come together and celebrate the flavor of West Adams”.
– Rick Ross – Delicious Vinyl


Delicious Vinyl West Adams Block Party

Delicious Vinyl West Adams Block Party

Time Out says

If Delicious Vinyl has anything to do with this Labor Day weekend bash, one thing is for certain: the music will be damn good. The indie hip-hop label—the force behind hits like Young MC’s “Bust A Move” and Tone-Loc’s “Wild Thing”—is celebrating West Adams’ rich culture and diversity with live music and festivities at Delicious Pizza’s parking lot. Face painting, a castle jumper, a Dilla’s Donuts pop-up shop, a vinyl marketplace and performances from local up-and-comers (and KRS-One and Masta Ace). Drop by to have a slice of pizza, lend your ear to some jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop tunes, play some games and hang out with your neighbor.


Venue name: Delicious Pizza
Contact: Visit Website Call Venue
Address: 5419 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am-11pm;
Fri 11am-midnight; Sat, Sun 10am-11pm
Price: Free

Dates And Times

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Rick Ross
Delicious Vinyl
6607 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90028
213.364.3253 m

2nd Annual West Adams Block Party with KRS-One, Masta Ace and SlimKids3 was Lit


Favorite Pizza of Italians

Favorite Pizza of Italians

Pizza in Italy: a timeless tradition

Every Italian loves pizza, we can say that it’s in the Italian DNA: pizza is a comfort food, a convivial meal, a tasty snack, basically, it’s an evergreen. In Italy there are different kinds of pizza: pizza napoletana, pinsa romana, focaccia and calzone are the most popular variations of this amazing food. All these variations of pizza are then seasoned in a lot of different ways: in every “pizzeria” (Italian pizza shop) there are at least 20 different seasoning options. Let’s see what the favorite pizzas of the Italians are.

Margherita: royal taste

The first place in our ranking obviously goes to one of the most common pizzas in the world: pizza margherita, seasoned with tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte, basil and olive oil. This kind of pizza is the favourite of children, but it’s also loved by many adults: the taste is simple, but the great quality of the Italian mozzarella makes this pizza absolutely amazing.

Marinara: from the sea

Marinara is a very savory pizza, it’s made with tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, anchovies and olive oil. This pizza is the favorite of the men of Southern Italy; the strong flavor perfectly matches with the softness of the Neapolitan pizza dough, the final result is absolutely surprising.

Capricciosa: literally “fickle”

This kind of pizza is very famous in Italy, it’s one of the favorite pizzas in the whole country. The ingredients are: tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte, prosciutto cotto (Italian baked ham, cut in very thin slices), champignon mushrooms and artichokes hearts. There’s a little legend on the birth of this pizza: this seasoning was invented by an exhausted mother, who didn’t know how to satisfy the requests of her fickle daughter; so one day, she decided to make a pizza for her girl, seasoned with everything the little one loved; the result was so good that everyone wanted a slice, and that’s how pizza capricciosa was born.

Quattro formaggi: for the cheese lovers

“Pizza ai quattro formaggi” is one of the best variations of pizza that you can find in Italy if you’re a cheese lover. This pizza is seasoned only with four different Italian cheeses: mozzarella fiordilatte, fontina (a milk cheese typical of northern Italy, which perfectly melts), gorgonzola (a veined Italian blue cheese), and Parmigiano Reggiano (or Grana Padano). The melted cheese and the crunchy dough make this pizza one of the tastiest!

Boscaiola: literally “lumberjack pizza”

This pizza is seasoned with sausages, champignon mushrooms, garlic and mozzarella fiordilatte (optionally tomato sauce). The taste is rich, yet rustic; it’s a very popular pizza in central and northern Italy, both children and adults love “Pizza alla boscaiola”, for it’s very greedy and appetizing. The name of this pizza comes from the ingredients, which are typical of the forested areas in Italy.

French fries and wurstel

This kind of pizza is loved by the kids and the teenagers in Italy: it’s yummy and made with the ingredients that every kid loves! This pizza is not appreciated by the adults in Italy, for they prefer a more complex taste on their pizzas.

Alla norma: just like the pasta

Pizza alla norma is seasoned with tomato sauce, fried eggplant dices, basil, olive oil and ricotta salata, a cheese typical of southern Italy. This variation of pizza reminds to the homonymous dish of pasta, made with the exact same ingredients, and typical to the region of Sicily. “Pizza alla norma” is very appreciated in southern Italy and in Sicily, thanks to its rich taste and its ingredients, which are typical of the territory.

Calzone: a delicious surprice

Calzone is one of the most loved variations of pizza; it can be fried or baked in the coal oven. Although this product is typical of the southern regions, it is loved all around Italy! Basically, a Calzone is a folded pizza, closed and stuffed just like a “raviolo”. The most common fillings are: margherita (a lot of tomato sauce and mozzarella, with basil and olive oil to season); prosciutto cotto (the Italian baked ham, in slices or dices, and a ton of mozzarella); and cheese, but you can choose to put your favorite pizza seasoning inside a calzone. This kind of pizza is very creative, and you can personalize it as you like, that’s why it’s so appreciated in Italy! If you cant make it to Italy stop by Delicious Pizza in Hollywood and grab a slice. See why locals call it the best pizza in LA


History of Pizza from Naples to California

There are more than 75,000 pizzerias across the United States, this means one out of ten restaurants in the country serve pizza. The average American citizen eats 23 pounds of pizza every year. Today one in eight Americans will have pizza for dinner. We love pizza, but do we know where it comes from? How is it made? Properly?

Pizza was born in Naples, Italy, sometime in the 19th century, when the centuries-old European flatbread met American tomatoes. Pizza soon grew in popularity and immigrants brought it to America in the early years of the 20th century. Lombardi’s, in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, opened in 1905 and is recognized as the first pizzeria in the States.


Neapolitans take their pizza seriously, they created the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in the 80s, an international organization that dictates how an authentic Neapolitan pizza should be and how it must be made.


True Neapolitan pizza should be 11.8 to 13.7 inches in diameter, it must have the famous cornicione, the raised edge. The dough has to leaven twice for a total of 6 hours and ingredients must be top notch. The oven must be heated to 806°to 896° degrees, so the cooking time is incredibly short, between 60 and 90 seconds! The pie is cooked through, and the delicious mozzarella is bubbly. Ain’t this an art form.

Today there are more than 100 pizzerias in the United States who honor the traditional ways of the Neapolitan Association, but pizza is a canvas, and the traditional ways are not the only ways.


The same decade Italians protected their tradition with their Association, a man in California dreamt about pizza, a different kind of pizza. Pizza maker Ed LaDou developed what would later become the California-style pizza, one that can be topped with anything, from BBQ chicken to smoked salmon and caviar. Legendary chefs like Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck were also instrumental in this revolution. Without a doubt, California-style pizza is rightfully a noble pizza; the crazy Californian cousin of the traditional Neapolitan Margarita.


Neapolitans take their pizza seriously, they created the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in the 80s, an international organization that dictates how an authentic Neapolitan pizza should be and how it must be made.

Today the most popular pizza topping in the country is pepperoni, a crowd pleaser though evidently not the most interesting choice, but every known ingredient has been added to pizza sometime, somewhere: from bananas to chicken tikka masala.


Whether you like a traditional pizza or a creative pie, Know that it’s always just a phone call away at Delicious Pizza in Hollywood. Pizza anyone?



Pairing Wine With Your Favorite Gourmet Pizza

Originating in Italy, pizza is a dish consisting of a bread base, often covered with tomato sauce and cheese, and baked in the oven. Despite tradition, there are now so many types of pizza that the name can actually be attributed to virtually anything you want.

However, a handmade pizza, made entirely of fresh ingredients and served soon after being finished in a wood-fired oven, is undoubtedly an extraordinary dish, capable of going well with almost every wine. Let’s not get stuck in the “pizza e birra in compagnia” cliché: in this article I intend to address, in a necessarily succinct manner, but as comprehensively as possible, the possible pairings of pizza and wine.


Since there are endless types of pizza, it seems appropriate to try to define the ideal wine pairings according to the characters of both the dish and the wines to go with it. The character of the dish is defined by a few key ingredients like cheese, protein, and vegetables. The character of the wine, though influenced by a multitude of natural and human factors, is essentially defined by the producer, when he decides what he will do with his fruit: the choice of grape varieties, pruning in the vineyard, maceration times, wood ageing and so on.

The basic principle is that the more intense, robustly flavored the pizza is, the more assertive the wine to pair it with. Light pizzas, such as Marinara and those topped with white cheese and vegetables usually go well with sparkling or clean, simple white wines, with good acidity and most often unoaked. Here is a caveat: if the pizza is focused on Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, or in asparagus or artichoke, the sulfur compounds present can make wine taste metallic. In these cases, it’s a good idea to pair by approximation, joining the green to the green: with young, crisp Sauvignon Blanc.



BoomYard Rum Punch Brunch Returns To Delicious Pizza

BoomYard Rum Punch Brunch Returns To Delicious Pizza

Large Up in association with Kingston to L.A. Present BoomYard LA Massive!! Please join us for #RumPunchBrunch on Sunday, March 11 from 2 to 8pm! RSVP on Facebook EVERY SECOND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH #BoomyardLA at Delicious Pizza on West Adams. The tropical music experience : Reggae, Roots and Culture, Dancehall, Afrobeat and Soca vibes with delicious pizza, Sangria, Rum Punch, kids corner, amazing vendors and more! special guest deejays: Shacia Päyne Marley Daneekah Deejay Kali Madden + more special guests TBD Hosted by: Crooks Ansata BoomYard LA at Delicious Pizza 5419 W. Adams Blvd.